car seat cushion

Article Name, Car seat cushion
Article No, CB00109
Item Description,
– high-quality, modern seat cushion
– stays dimensionally stable and elastic
– for comfortable seating
– quick and easy assembly using rubber bands and metal hooks- adatped for side airbags (n. a. for US)
– flame-retardant according to 95/28 EG (n.a. for US)
– TÜV proofed (adapted for side airbags) (n.a. for US)- measurements:
– size seat part: approx. 44 x 45 cm
– size back part: approx. 60 x 45 cm
– foam thickness:
surface material:
weight: approx. 430 g
frontside: 100% polyester
backside: non woven PP, EVA