power fitness items

Article Name, power fitness items
Article No, ANS-21-091
Item description,
Power fitness band light:
Material: latex
Dimensions: approx. 208 x 1.7 x 0.45 cm

Power fitness band medium:
Material: latex
imensions: approx. 208 x 2.1 x 0.45 cm

Cross Expander:
Material: TPR tube, PP middle part, NBR foam
Material thickness per handle: 6 mm
Length of each handle: 130 mm
Diameter of each handle: 30 mm
Material thickness of the tube: 9 mm
Size: approx. 40 cm

Loop set:
Dimensions: approx. 30 x 5 cm (loopsize)
Light: approx. 0.36 mm / 12 g
Medium: approx. 0.50mm / 15g
Strong: approx. 0.70 mm / 22 g
Extra strong: approx. 0.90mm / 26g
XX strong: about 1.1 mm / 32g+

Core Slider:
Set of 2
Material: ABS top, glossy
EVA bottom
Size: 17.78 cm diameter, 0.7 cm thickness
Weight: 85 g per slider