Multi trainer


Style A Multi trainer
Size:Style_A, multitrainer:
Total: W 103 x H 60-90 x D 70 (between handles) / 66 (frame) cm.
folded: W 110 (to the end of the handles) x H 20,5 x D 70 cm
cushion: W 40 x H 7,5 x D 34 cm
leg fixation (cushion): Ø 8 x L 15 cm
Handles: Ø 3,0 cm
Foam rollers: Ø 8 x W 15 cm


Quality:Technical data:
– max. load capacity: 130kg
– Dip station max. 100kg
– strength class screws: 8.8
Item features:
– the multitrainer is a 6 in 1 fitness equipment with
– 2x handles,
– 1x hip pad
– 2x round foot pad rollers
– 3-fold adjustable inclination angle over the middle frame
– 6-fold height adjustable pad rail
– foldable
– adjustable leg fixation
– upholstery for the back or the upper arm
– Water-repellent and durable upholstery material
– non-slip footrest
– non-slip feet
– Brand and IAN must be permanently affixed to the item

Material:PU, NBR, foam, steel, PP
cellulose (FSC)