LED dartboard with accessories


Dartboard: 420 mm x 517 mm x 26 mm (W x H x D) Darts: 145 mm (length) Toe Line: 445 mm x 65 mm x 0,2 mm
(L x W x H) Cable length: 150 cm

Board: 1,400 g GS Adapter: 60 g BS Adapter: 71 g Darts: 12 g each Toe line: 6 g

Product classification: For all German speaking countries German is set as language, for all other countries
English, Technical data: Power adapter: 220-240VAC 50/60Hz Output: 9 VDC, 0.5A, 4.5W Item features: 1-16
players, 27 games (over 500 variations), 12 soft darts (12 g, blue, green, red, black (3 x each)), 100 black tips (=
112 tips total), stickable toe line, multilingual game instructions, volume adjustable (7 levels), multi-sound effect,
sticker with indication of the 27 games integrated on the front side, silver numbers in the outer ring (painted),
lateral reception of up to 6 darts per side (left and right), handicap function for different playing strengths, sleep
mode with memory function, 100 player LED display, Double In, Double Out, with Cyber Match function (“play
against yourself”) (5 different difficulty levels), fold-out feet Display and control: 4 LED displays (4 players can read
their score at the same time. Safety: Protection class III Age recommendation: 14 years and older Accessories: 4
screws/ dowels for wall mounting, 100 points Drop line Drilling template Adjustments to the predecessor: –
attention should be paid to cleanliness of the paint on the numbers – Improve audio quality (announcement quality)
– Improve audio translations – glue control panel cleanly and firmly all information on improvements compared to
the predecessor due to finding QSP –