Die Cast Track Sets


Die Cast Track Sets – Looping
Rail: 300 x 36 x 9,6mm Connector: 65 x 26 x 2,5 mm Launch pad: 96 x 171 x 80 mm Rail long: 600 x 36 x 9,6 mm
Looping foot: 226 x 129 x 41mm Car yellow: 73 x 30 x 21 mm Car grey: 71 x 31 x 21 mm

Total: 402g Rail (short): 5x 19.4g = 97g Connector: 3x 2.6g = 7.8g Launch Ramp: 1x 70g = 70g Rail long: 1x 41,5g
= 41,5g Looping foot: 1x 120g = 120g Auto yellow: 31,8 g Auto grey: 31,8 g

Components set 5x track 3x connector 1x launch ramp 1x long track 1x looping foot 2x car. Item features: The
launch ramp can be attached horizontally or vertically to e.g. shelves.

PP, PVC, Zinc