Wood Die Cast parking garage BEST FSC


Dimersions when assemtbled.50×.540×70 mn Car ren 71x 2 21 m Cr hcksPedlYelow b95.0x2hmmCa tLepyllonb8 c10 2 mml
Weight Total: 5,800g Car green: 31 g Auto Black/Red/Yellow: 31 g Car bluelyellow: 31 g
Components set hxcar par xca lhen feaures ca ars incuding 3 cstzincars inthe scale 164.- Thecar par has 5 level,eat of which has pastic soraldescents leading up
Quality and down – T.wo die descert amps fom the top paking deck, one with askijump.-Each lvl ha fo pints to mark peths and paxing bays as well s fences to imithe edges. -vehicle elevatorthat can be pushed up and down betwee allevels – Gaspunmps on the ground fosr Washirg failty nth 1st hoo. Pro.essin l edges mut be caely exuwred(grinding, milling, etc.). Even if they are to be painted afterwards.
Material: MDF, plywood, pine wood,PP, polyester
Material Thickness: Bottom plate: 12 mm Floor plates: 6 mm
Colour: multicolored
Packaging: 4 color box without window