Dog transport bicycle bag


L 470 x B 290 x H 275 mm (without cover) L 470 x W 290 x H 450 mm (with cover)

2300 g

Components Set: – Bag incl. cushion and leash Technical data: – max. load capacity 6kg Performance: – stable metal
frame for a safe transport of the animal on the luggage carrier – bicycle bag can be mounted on the luggage carrier – carrying strap – cover can be
opened – Bag can be removed from the frame by press buttons and used as a transport bag – Integrated short leash prevents the bag from jumping
out – with removable, padded bottom plate – Mesh cover provides optimal protection, especially for lively animals and ensures good air circulation
safety: – With reflective stripes Accessories: – Incl. cushion – short leash The article is in terms of performance / material / quality at least equivalent to
the Bicycle Bag for Dogs by Trixie. Regardless of this, the goods are always free of material and legal defects and legal defects (in particular industrial
property rights and other rights of third parties).