Spirit level – Protractor Combination

Spirit Level – Protractor Combination
Leg ruler with metric scale / imperial scale for some countries
Overall size: 61,5cm length x 8,5cm width x 4,45 cm thickness
Aluminium part: 50 x 4,2 x 1,8cm
2 x spirit levels with protractor for angles from 0° up to 270°
2 x vials (1 x horizontal 180° + 1 x vertical 90° measurements)
Measuring accuracy: 0.057° = 1 mm / m
Aluminium profile – yellow powder coated – pantone nr. will be advised by our product
Leg length: 500 mm
4pc Hanging holes
2pc steel pin for drawing circle
1pc carpenter pencils 175mm
1pc fixing screw by ABS
2pc liner maker
Carpenter pencil must be fit exactly into steel pin for drawing circle
Steel pins have to be detachable easily
Angle Scale must be exactly on zero position with arrow
With instruction leaflet and pictograms
– Housing: Aluminium alloy
– End caps: ABS
– Carpenter Pencils: Wood
– Steel pin: Steel
Housing in yellow colour
End caps in black colour