Smoothie maker


full copper DC Motor: 67W
Battery: 3.7V, 2000mAh
charging time: 145 Minutes
KB-time: 50s
Cup capacity: 300ml, till rim: 370ml
stainless steel knife with 4 blades
jug with max mark silkscreen
1 x lid included
auto-turn off after 50 seconds
USB-C charger cable included
only for liquids and soft fruits
no frozen fruit
item can be used with soft fruit like kiwi, berries and work 10 cycles with full battery power, .
on/off operation button on the housing, unlock/start by double press on the button
two colored indication light
– red flashes 10x: needs to charge
– red is turned on the whole time: charging
– white is turned on the whole time: fully charged
– red flashes 5x: jug is not installed correctly
– white flashes 5x: jug is installed correctly
Safety mechanism, can only operate when jug is installed correctly
Jug and lid are dishwasher safe including dishwasher safe logo
– Ensure that the item is delivered fully functional
– Ensure sufficient mixing power
– Ensure that the on/off pressure switch does not get stuck in the device/housing when pressed
– lifetime of the battery must be 3 years
– no items with empty batteries should be delivered
– including small sticker to show operation by double click

Housing: ABS
Blade: SUS 304
Lid: ABS