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step drill bit


●3Pcs HSS Steel Step Cone Titanium Drill Bit Tool Set Hole Cutter 4mm-12/20/32mm.
●Titanium Nitride Coating for Cooler Running, can effectively extend the service life of the drill.
●Automatically Deburrs Holes as you Drill. Two-flute Design Gives You Faster, Smoother Cutting.
●3 sided shanks design in order to prevent slippage when in chuck Two flute design provides faster, smoother and cleaner cuts each step is clearly labeled with the depth diameter in steps.
●Ideal for using to cut holes in a variety of materials including steel, brass, wood, plastic, thin iron, aluminum alloy, insulation boards, PVC sheet (thickness below 5MM), etc.


●Ideal for drilling thin sheet metal without deformation
●Titanium-Nitride coated
●No pre-drilling required
●Drills even thin sheet metal without deformation