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floor repair kit


Recommended for repairing minor scratches to laminate floors, worktops, furniture, cabinet, timber, windows frame etc.
Perfect for DIY devotee and the more advanced user.The kit includes a versatile range of materials that can be used to repair laminate flooring and surfaces in the most popular colors.
It can also be used to repair kitchen and other decorative laminate worktops and even wooden furnishings.
Light scratch or damage can be effortlessly repaired.

Easy to use filler sticks.
Simply recreate the colour of your damaged boards by mixing the 11 wax blocks.
Perfect to use on glass, laminate floors and to decor mirrors and tiles.
Best for use in the home, caravan, work place, schools, hotel, care home, office, boat etc.
The kit comes complete with a sturdy storage case and 2x AA batteries & is ready for use.

Kit Contains
Smoothing Tools
Cleaning Tools
De greasing Sponge
11 Color Wax Blocks
Wax Melter

Battery:2x AA batteries
Length (CM):20
Width (CM):19.6
Height (CM):4.3

Package Contents
19 Piece Wooden Floor Lamination Kit Includes
Wax Melter
Smoothing Tools
Cleaning Tools
De-greasing Sponge
Color Wax Blocks


●Suitable for many different tile colors
●For effortless repair of tiles, stoneware, ceramic and plastic surfaces
●Simple, quick and clean application: melt hard wax, fill damaged area, remove excess, polish
●Scope of delivery: 1x melter, 8x paint waxes, 1x abrasive sponge, 1x cleaning cloth, 1x spatula with a planing function, 1x spatula with a curve, 1x cleaning scraper, 2x batteries