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4 Digit Key Safe


●STURDY MATERIAL-The key lock box is made of aluminum alloy, which can withstand hammering, sawing, and prying. These constructions make this lock box strong, durable, and rust-proof. Do n’t worry about losing your keys if you leave it outside.
●HIGH SECURITY-Setting up your own four-digit combination is easy. Just enter the correct code to open the password key lock. And because it offers up to 10,000 combinations, you can choose to reset the combination at any time.
●EASY to Install-The compact and lightweight design makes the lock more usable, our products can be well installed in any position on the door, fence or pillar.
●LARGE CAPACITY-The key safe has a large storage space, which can safely store keys or access cards at the door. The internal lock box is enough to store up to 6 keys.


Size : 11.5x9x4cm
Using steps:
1.Open shutter
2.Enter code(default 0000),Move lever down to open the door
3.Slide lever from A to B.
4.Set desired new code.
5.Slide lever from B to A.
6.Place item and close door
7.Jumble numbers
8.Close shutter


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