Max + Values
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Max + Values 
Excellent Quality
Reliable management
Continuous innovation
Seek Growth
Achieve all-win
 Max + Quality

Our products undergo exhaustiv testing by skilled technicians – at home and abroad – to ensure we deliver products that comply with the very latest standards in quality and safety. During manufacture our quality team will inspect both the materials used and the final product to ensure it fully complies with our requirements.
Through continuous monitoring and improvement of our suppliers, we deliver products that are approved and certified and with long guarantees so you can rest assured you’re investing in the best products on the market today.

H&K cares about the environment. As our products are sourced from factories in main land of China, we run comtinuous improvement programmes to ensure we only delivery quality products that comply with the very latest environmental standards.
Our strict sense of corporate social responsibility means we work closedly with environmental management systems to ensure our business meets the latest requirements. This enable us to continue to develop and produce superior quality products without impacting on the environment.

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